Gratis MUC for Freedomware

If you have a project under a Free Software license that accepts community contributions and does not require a CLA or copyright assignment and would benefit from one or more XMPP chatrooms, we are willing to host it for you free of charge.

The chatrooms will live on a subdomain of your project's domain name.

First, create the subdomain you will use (e.g. conference.myproject.tld) and set a CNAME to (your chatrooms will have addresses like discuss@conference.myproject.tld).

Then, please email with the name of your project, your chosen subdomain, and one or more JabberIDs to set as administrators for the subdomain (only these JIDs will be allowed to create and configure chatrooms). If you have existing IRC rooms which you would like bridged to the new chatrooms (via matterbridge) also include that information so we can set up our matterbridge instance for you.

Once configuration is complete, your chatroom will be accessible to anyone on the XMPP federation, as well as on the web via